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What is the Oklahoma Securities Commission?
Recent Enforcement Actions
Stacy, Anthony Ray
Respondent Stacy's Preliminary List of Witnesses, Documents, Exhibits    Filed: 11/9/2015
Enforcement Divisionís Preliminary Lists of Witnesses, Documents and Exhibits    Filed: 11/6/2015
Respondent Stacy's Preliminary LIst of Witnesses, Documents, Exhibits    Filed: 11/6/2015
Secure Operations Group, LLC and McAlpine, Johnnie Louis and McAlpine, Cynthia Kay
Order Enforcing Administrative Subpoena    Filed: 10/30/2015
Stacy, Anthony Ray and PVPE, LLC
Amended Agreed Scheduling Order    Filed: 10/30/2015
Oklahoma Energy Exchange, LLC and Gray, Jimmy W.
Order on Receiverís Application for Judicial Determination of Interests in the Mackenzie PPM and the Mackenzie Well [CJ-13-5023]    Filed: 10/28/2015
Seabrooke Realty and Seabrooke, Tom
Order on Receiver's Interim Application for Fees and Expenses for August 2015    Filed: 10/28/2015
Oklahoma Energy Exchange, LLC and Gray, Jimmy W.
Consent of Defendant Greg L. Gray [CJ-13-5023]    Filed: 10/26/2015