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Baker, Justin 
  Motion for Default Judgment    Filed: 1/19/2018
Peckham, Larry and Argent Investments, Inc. and Rogers, Nathaniel F. 
  Dismissal Without Prejudice [Nathaniel F. Rogers]    Filed: 1/5/2018
Secure Operations Group, LLC and McAlpine, Johnnie Louis and McAlpine, Cynthia Kay 
  ODS' Reply to Defendants' Response to Motion for Summary Judgment [CJ-17-1138]    Filed: 1/5/2018
  ODSí Reply to Defendantsí Response to Objection and Motion to Strike [CJ-17-1138]    Filed: 1/5/2018
Okie Mining & Mineral Exploration, LLC and Doud, Randy Jay 
  Order Establishing Restitution    Filed: 1/4/2018
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